Gear Rental

We guarantee top quality production equipment

All the gear listed below is available for rental. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your specific needs



  • Sony FS700
  • Canon 5D MkIII
  • Canon 5D MkII
  • Panasonic AF101
  • GoPro Hero 3 Kit


  • Canon EF 24-105mm F4
  • Canon EF 28mm F1.8
  • Rokinon 35mm T1.5
  • Nikon F 18mm F2.8
  • Nikon F 50mm F1.4
  • Nikon F 100mm F2.8 Macro
  • Nikon F 35-70mm F2.8 Macro
  • Nikon F 80-200mm F4
  • Sigma F 25-35mm F2.8
  • Lensbaby 28mm F2.1 Tilt Shift


  • 1 x Cosmolight Kit (400w or 600w)
  • 1 x Kino Flo Diva Light Kit
  • 2 x LED Shoebox Lights (battery or mains powered, 400w equivalent output)
  • 1 x LED Sungun


  • DJI Ronin 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal
  • DJI Lightbridge HD wireless video kit
  • Kessler Pocket Dolly 3ft with Elektra Drive Motion Control
  • DJI Phantom 2 Drone
  • iLapse 7ft Timelapse Slide with Motion Control
  • Genus Mattebox and Shoulder rig
  • Various ND grad filters, polarised filters
  • Various stands, arms and clamps


  • Sound Devices 302 Mixer
  • Sanken CS-3e Boom Kit
  • Various Sennheiser G2 lapel or wireless handheld kits
  • Lectrosonics 4xx Series Digital Wireless
  • Lectrosonics Director IFB kits
  • Multitrack digital field recording packages available on request